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Our Story

Our Story

Uganda has over 4000 Rotarians and Rotaractors. There is a focus on attracting young people into rotary and this has led to new clubs with predominately young Rotarians. These are characterized by young families and new careers hence reduced residual Income. There is also a high percentage of Rotarians in retirement with the majority Rotarians and Rotaractors being in employment and Entrepreneurship.

With the effect of COVID19 on the world economy many clubs were affected by delayed payments for dues, contribution to the rotary fund and support of rotary fundraisers and other club activities, as Rotarians the hearts are always willing to give but they were limited by funds and tight budgets which led to some Rotarians requesting for breaks or exiting Rotary all together.

It is against the above background that this idea of this Sacco was born. The SACCO was started with a number of members of Bugolobi Morning Tide in 2019 with the following Board;

  1. Chairperson- Joan Nyanzi
  2. Vice chairperson – Leila Nabankema
  3. Secretary General – Ivan Amanya
  4. Treasurer – Mastula Kiyemba
  5. Xavier Sentamu
  6. Sarah Basemera
  7. Violet Ngagire
  8. Ivan Atwiine
  9. Dianne Kateeba
  10. Marion Natukunda
  11. Jesca Nabbanja

The SACCO proposal was then presented to the Rotary D9213 President Elects (Presidents 2022/23) led by District Governor Elect Mike Sebalu as an initiative for Economic and Community Development to uplift Rotarians and Rotaractors in 2021.

With this, a team of volunteers was tasked to register, prepare policies, branding, selection of IT system and preparation of a 4-year Strategy for the Sacco and these included;

  1. Mike Sebalu
  2. Joan Nyanzi
  3. Anjoga Humphrey
  4. Maximillah Cherop Cherotich
  5. Francis Musinguzi
  6. Aubrey Agaba
  7. Bakyusa Alfred
  8. Nabbanja Jesca
  9. Doris Asasira
  10. Marion Natukunda
  11. Laker Harriet
  12. Oryema Sandra
  13. Fiona Aturinda
  14. Josephine Kabyesiza
  15. Maurice Talemwa
  16. Moses Musiitwa
  17. Edward Mugerwa
  18. Micheal Sekandi
  19. Dorothy Justine Semakula
  20. Josephat Oling Oroma
  21. Mary Achen
  22. Miriam Oyet
  23. Sarah Basemera
  24. Sheila Arinaitwe

The Rotarians Uganda Sacco was registered on 12th January 2022 with registration number P.207/RCS under the Provisions of Section 6(1) of the Cooperative Societies Amendment Act 2020. After mobilization of members across the country, the first AGM was held on 12th March 2022 where a Board was elected, budget for 1st year passed and several other resolutions passed. for 1st year passed and several other resolutions passed.

The first AGM elected the following Board and supervisory Committee.

  1. Chairperson – DG Mike Kennedy Sebalu( RC Bukoto)
  2. Vice Chairperson – Maximillah Cherop Cherotich (RC Bugolobi Morning Tide)
  3. Board Secretary Sandra – Oryema ( RC Portbell)
  4. Board Treasurer Anjoga Humphrey ( RC Byeyogerere Central)
  5. Board members
  6.  Babyale Proscovia Arima ( RC Arua)
  7. Alfred Bakyusa ( RC Nansana)
  8. Evelyn Bachwa Kayiira ( RC Naguru)
  9. Harriet Laker ( RC Gulu)
  10. Maurice Taremwa ( RC Kampala Early bird)

Supervisory Committee

  1. Tonny Lubanja Kiwanuka
  2. (Rct Sese Island, Rct Kyengera)
  3. Moses Musiitwa ( RC Kyambogo)
  4. Marion Natukunda ( RC Kiwatule)

Subsequently the Board appointed a management the team below

  1. Joan Nyanzi – Chief Executive Officer
  2. Francis Musinguzi – Operations manager
  3. Pius Siima- Accounts and Administration
  4. Agnes Maggimbi – Marketing and PR
  5. Derrick Mutamba – Marketing and PR